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All Inclusive Holistic Nursing Conference at Iberostar in Montego Bay Jamaica



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  • If you bring someone who is not going to the conference, thier cost is $250.00 less.


Meet our speakers!

Ken Wolski RN, MPA ( Visit Ken's Website)
Ken has been a registered nurse since 1976. He is licensed to practice in both NJ and PA. Over several decades, Ken has been committed to shaping public policy.  In collaboration with the New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA), Ken spearheaded efforts to adopt a resolution to support legalizing medical marijuana at NJSNA’s Annual Meeting in 2002.  This resolution motivated the American Nurses Association to adopt a similar resolution in 2003.  NJSNA led the way to pass into law the "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act" in 2010.
Ken also worked with the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA). Ken educated legislators and testified at legislative hearings in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in a successful, decade-long effort to pass a medical marijuana law in Pennsylvania.
Ken served as an expert speaker for medical marijuana programs for nurses and physicians.  I testified before numerous legislative committees; wrote letters to the editor and Op Eds; and hosted seminars to educate health professionals and the public in my efforts to bring about high quality, affordable medical marijuana for qualified patients in a safe and secure manner.


Jahan Marcu PhD

Jahan Marcu, Ph. D., is currently the Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Auditor for Americans for Safe Access and the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Program. He is also on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cannabinoids as Medicine (IACM). He received his Ph.D. for significant contributions to the study of the structure and function of the CB1 receptor, and the role of the endocannabinoid system in bone. Before earning his Ph.D., Dr. Marcu worked at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute studying the anti-cancer properties of compounds from the cannabis plant (Published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics) and on analytical Cannabis research projects in Holland.

His work has been covered by Forbes, Vice, Nature, the Philadelphia Inquirer, CannabisNow, the sensible science blog at, Freedom Leaf Magazine, Washington Post and many other media outlets. He is also an author of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph.

Dr. Marcu serves on multiple expert government, trade association committees, and scientific organizations including AHPA, ACS, AOCS, AOAC, ASA, IACM, IMCPC and others. Dr. Marcu was the first recipient of the Billy Martin research award from the International Cannabinoid Research Society. He is a court-qualified synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis expert.

Joanna Carmichael PhD,RN, BSN

Dr. Carmichael is a Registered Nurse, Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity, Interfaith Minister and Ayurvedic Practitioner, as well as the Founder & CEO of the Kalyana Centre in Narberth, PA.  She has been practicing in the nursing field for over 30 years.  Her background includes psychiatric nursing as well as a 20+ year career in the pharmaceutical research arena where she conducted, monitored, and managed Phase I-IV clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas. During that time, simultaneous studies in Holistic Health, Metaphysics, Divinity, Hypnosis/Past Life Regression, Reiki,  YogaMeditation, and Ayurveda have given her a well-rounded perspective on health and healing and its intimate relationship to spirituality. Ordained an Interfaith Minister in December 2002, she continues to deepen her understanding and experience of these topics as an integrative/holistic and preventive medicine consultant and teacher. She is also an adjunct professor at the Villanova University College of Nursing and is a regular instructor for ATECAM Holistic Nursing lectures that provides CMEs to medical professionals. 

Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-RPFT, NPS, AE-C
Terrence has been in the field of Respiratory therapy since 1992. He is currently the Education Coordinator of University Hospital ( formerly UMDNJ) in Newark New Jersey since June 2000. He is an expert in adult, pediatric, and neonatal critical care. He has extensive knowledge in speaking at conferences locally and nationally. He is the owner of two companies that offer continuing education to health care practitioners ( A & T Respiratory Lectures LLC and ATECAM LLC). He has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine for many years and studies under Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D. (Ayu), M.Phil. (Ayu), F.I.I.M. He is currently in a Masters of Science program of the American College of Health Sciences of Portland Oregon and will completed with the program in 2017. He has extensive speaking knowledge on nutrition and aromatherapy.


List of Topic
Speaker Date & time Topic
Terrence Shenfield
20 October 2018 7AM-8AM Every Morning Yoga and Mindfulness classes on the beach (not mandatory)
Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS,RPFT, NPS, AE-C
20 October 2018 8AM-9AM What Is the Endocannabinoid System and What Is Its Role?
Jahan Marcu PhD
20 October 2018 9AM-10AM Cannabis as Medicine
Jahan Marcu PhD
20 October 2018 10AM-11AM Science-Based Cannabis Education is Essential to Health Care Practitioners
Ken Wolski RN, MPA
20 October 2018 11AM-12PM How Medical Cannabis Gets Approved In Legislation
Ken Wolski RN, MPA
20 October 2018 12PM-1PM The Ethics of Medical Marijuana: Government Restrictions vs. Medical Necessity
Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS,RPFT, NPS, AE-C
22 October 2018 8AM-9AM The Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)
Jahan Marcu PhD
22 October 2018 9AM-10AM Cannabis Testing & Quality Control
Joanna Carmichael PhD, RN, BSN
22 October 2018 10AM-11AM Big Pharma and its Agenda to Keep You Sick!
Ken Wolski RN, MPA
22 October 2018 11AM-12PM Exploring the Legislative and Regulatory Aspects of Medical Cannabis Industry
Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, NPS, AE-C
22 October 2018 12PM-1PM Marijuana Dependence​
Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, NPS, AE-C
23 October 2018 8AM-9AM Attitudes and Practices of Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States
Jahan Marcu PhD
23 October 2018 9AM-10AM Understanding the Legal Aspects of Medical Cannabis
Jahan Marcu PhD
23 October 2018 10AM-11AM Cannabis and Neuro-Degenerative Disorders
Joanna Carmichael PhD, RN, BSN
23 October 2018 11AM-12PM Hunger is Not the Enemy -An Ayurvedic Approach to Sensible Weight Loss and Management
Ken Wolski RN, MPA
14 November 2017 12PM-1PM Investing in the Cannabis Industry: Is it a Safe Choice?


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19 October 2018 to 24 October 2018

7 AM

Montego Bay Jamaica at a 5 star hotel

Organized By: Atecam LLC



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